Vita Nova
SPA Florence

We treat every guest individually and tailor our treatments to reflect your own specific needs. Massages can be adapted to address issues such as tiredness, stress and tension. Different methods of massage can be combined to alleviate physical discomfort and create a sense of relaxation and harmony. As a ‘boutique’ SPA, our selection of natural therapies captures the essence of gentle healing and promote wellbeing, beauty, comfort and wellness.

Natural wellness

Using natural healing herbs, our therapies combine a unique fusion of ancient Eastern techniques and contemporary Western therapies, providing an exceptional SPA experience.


Localized massage choosing between of the back, legs, head, or neck, to give relief to a specific area of your body.

30′ – € 80


Slow and enveloping manual skills that aim to stretch and relax all the contracted parts of the body.

60′ – € 100
90′ – € 160


Massage techniques that restore the balance of mind and body. Customized according to need, it improves circulation and gives well-being to each area of the body.

60′ – € 110
90′ – € 170


It is the result of the synergy of various techniques and aims to facilitate the flow of energy with a great feeling of well-being and vitality.

60′ – € 100
90′ – € 160


Acts on muscle’s contractures, relieves stress and tension and regenerate the muscles.

60′ – € 120
90′ – € 180

Massage with candle

Gives well-being through the warm aroma of the candle, a delicate massage with a soft touch promotes psychophysical relaxation.

60′ – € 100
90′ – € 160

Seed to Skin Body Rituals

The Awakening

Uplifting, detoxifying, nourishing

Skin renewing body treatment that harnesses the power of mineral rich raw sea salt and an extraordinary blend of spirulina, shea butter and essential oils designed to stimulate the circulation, detoxify, and to slough away dead skin cells. Personalized application of warm, deeply restorative probiotic body balm which will further release tension, soothe the senses, and nourish the skin. This ritual leaves the skin refined and as soft as silk.

60′ – € 160

The Equilibrium

De-stressing, balancing, recharging

This detoxifying ritual starts with gentle body brushing to invigorate the senses, boost the circulation and stimulate the lymphatic system. After a thermal mud is applied on the back, relieving tension, and recharging the body with marine minerals. Followed by a luxurious warm candle massage, rich in nourishing oils and natural extracts of vanilla, rose and precious oud wood.
Both energizing and relaxing, this ritual leaves the whole body, mind and spirit completely balanced.

90′ – € 180

The Serendipity

Regenerating, Nourishing

This luxurious renewing & hydrating body ritual begins with a stimulating herbal scrub infused with sea salt and essential oils of Clary Sage & Rosemary to stimulate the lymphatic system and polish the skin. This treatment continues with a skin restoring warm candle massage & body wrap rich in Argan oil, Shea butter and pure extracts of Vanilla, Rose and precious Oud wood. Deeply relaxing scalp massage will complete this invigorating treatment.

90′ – € 195

Seed to Skin face and body rituals

The Cocoon

Soothing, nurturing, invigorating

This exceptional head to toe treatment delivers a multi-sensory experience.
The journey starts with a grounding foot soak and a gentle body brush exfoliation to stimulate the lymphatic system. This ritual continues with a tension-melting warm candle massage & skin restoring body wrap rich in argan oil, shea butter and pure extracts of vanilla, rose and precious oud wood. While being cocooned, the signature mini-facial ritual will stimulate cellular regeneration and promote lasting pleasant sensation of wellbeing.

90′ – € 205

The Bliss


The Bliss ritual starts with a back & neck massage to relieve stress and muscular tension closely connected to the facial expression. This divine treatment continues with a deeply relaxing scalp massage with thermal water & vitamin rich active serum. Followed by unique facial ritual, individually adapted to the skin needs. Advanced massage techniques with jade rollers will promote natural radiance and leaving the entire being revived, revitalized and fresh. Our most blissful, holistic experience.

120′ – € 220

The Spirit

Grounding, detoxifying, stimulating

An extraordinary ritual starts with gentle dry body brushing to stimulate the lymphatic system. Followed by targeted application of detoxifying, mineral rich thermal mud to increase circulation and grounding reflex point feet massage. Full body massage will further release tension and restore vitality & balance.
The journey leads to unique facial ritual, individually adapted to the skin needs and powered by stimulating jade rollers. This treatment is designed to quieten the mind, rejuvenate the body, and lift the spirit.

120′ – € 235

Seed to Skin face rituals

The Indulgence


Immensely nourishing, moisturizing and corrective, this facial ritual helps to improve the appearance of fine lines and refine skin texture. Indulgent honey based mask will nourish dull and stressed skin. Relaxing facial massage with Rose seed oil that is full of essential fatty acids and antioxidants integral for cell regeneration and skin luminosity.

60′ – € 130

The Clarity


This detoxifying ritual is a combination of gentle facial massage techniques that helps to purify and plant-based formulas that work to deep cleanse, resurface and energise skin from the inside out, helping to invigorate and oxygenate dull and congested skin. Grapefruit seed extract is regulating sebum production and unclogging pores. Activated charcoal and volcanic clay work together to deeply detoxify and balance the skin.

60′ – € 145

The Peace


Calming facial ritual especially designed for sensitive skin. Seed to Skin’s handcrafted formulas are blending the power of nature’s curative properties with the results-driven efficiency of advanced science. Sweet Almond oil nourishes the skin, Melissa Extract calms and firms. Gentle drainage massage and acupressure techniques and Pink Clay based mask will define, calm and nourish stressed skin while promoting cell regeneration, improved texture and radiance.

60′ – € 165

The Ultimate Glow


This made-to-measure skin ritual promotes visible resurfacing, intense hydration, detoxification, and oxygen boost. Seed to Skin’s handcrafted formulas are blending the power of nature’s curative properties with the results-driven efficiency of advanced science. The state-of-the-art molecular delivery system penetrates deep into the skin to stimulate cell regeneration.
Advanced massage techniques with jade rollers will restore skin’s radiance and an undeniable glow.

90′ – € 200

The Golden Aura


Luxurious, ultimately relaxing and completely customised treatment promotes cell regeneration, helps to firm and oxygenate the skin, creating a youthful glow. Targeted eye treatment will lift and smooth delicate eye area and stimulating facial and scalp massage techniques with Gua Sha stones will leave the skin visibly brighter, radiant and lifted. This high-touch ritual delivers an experience as wonderfully unique as every individual is and completely relaxed state of mind.

90′ – € 225