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A contemporary lounge at the court of Cosimo I

“Salotto Portinari”
Bar & Bistrot

Intriguing dishes, unexpected combinations of tastes and big name labels enrich the food and wine selection of this elegant bistrot in Florence that evokes the flavours of Italian cuisine in a completely new form.
Located in the centre of the majestic Court of Cosimo I, the Salotto Portinari Bar & Bistrot is a vibrant and sophisticated place to meet, welcoming you at any time of the day.
The Chef pampers his guests throughout the day: from early morning with the delicacies of an à la carte breakfast, at lunchtime for a business meal, or aperitifs with signature cocktails and original finger foods, and in the evening for an amazing dinner.

Vito Mollica - Chic Nonna

Chef Vito Mollica

ATTO di Vito Mollica Gourmet Restaurant