Discovering Venice at its most authentic and unusual, through the quietness of private views, hidden itineraries and exclusive experiences, is a luxury in itself.
Be inspired by the secrets of the precious arts and ancient Venetian traditions of the Serenissima’s glorious past.

Luigi Bevilacqua Weaving Mill

The experience includes:
A 50-minute visit to the Mill:
– Story of the company’s history and main applications of its products in the world of interior design and fashion
-Demonstration of velvet production by hand on original eighteenth-century looms
– Tour of the showroom on the Grand Canal

In the historical premises of the ‘Tessitura’ in the S. Croce district of Venice, the company – run since 1500 by the Bevilacqua family – still produces precious fabrics by hand using the ancient Venetian manner of weaving, combining historical techniques and designs with a modern touch.
Behind Bevilacqua velvets lies a history of know-how and patience handed down over the centuries on original eighteenth-century Jacquard looms and machinery, which still make products that are unique in the world, the fruit of a noble tradition carried on by very few weavers in the world.
On offer is an exclusive tour to discover a very ancient art and the refined soprarizzo velvet, the manufacture of which is extremely complex and is still done by hand on eighteen looms dating back to the eighteenth century, acquired from the silk school of the Serenissima.

Tour of Murano and Burano

The experience includes:
Tour of the islands of Murano and Burano lasting approximately 4 hours
– Transfer by private boat from Palazzo Venart to Murano
– Murano glassworks visit and island tour
– Private boat transfer from Murano to Burano
– Visit to the lace showroom in Burano and tour of the island
– Private boat transfer from Burano to Palazzo Venart

One cannot say one has visited Venice without first losing oneself in the hidden calli, amidst the colourful houses and small canals of Murano and Burano, the most famous and characteristic islands of the Lagoon.
An exclusive tour by private boat will lead you to discover the treasures and centuries-old traditions that animate these places frozen in time, where ancient and precious arts have been handed down for generations.
In the craft workshops of Murano, a universal synonym for the finest glassmaking art, wonderful works of art and iconic design objects in blown glass come to life.
It is, however, in Burano, one of the most colourful little towns in the world, that the skilled hands of the local embroiderers create lace with unique and refined weaves, which in the past adorned the most prestigious residences in Europe.
Be enchanted by the bright colours of the typical houses lapped by the emerald water of the canals and the lively, festive voices of the fishermen at the local market.

Squero San Trovaso and the handcrafted construction of Gondolas

The experience includes:
– 3-hour guided tour with water taxi transfer from Venart Palace
– Visit to the Squero di San Trovaso
– Aperitif in Campo Santa Margherita

Gondolas, those curvy boats that are the symbol of Venice, are still handcrafted in one of the most picturesque and untouched corners of Venice, the Squero San Trovaso in the historic Dorsoduro district.
One of the few boatyards still in activity and a true Italian excellence, this Venetian workshop has been building and repairing gondolas and small rowing boats since 1600, using ancient tools and techniques handed down over the centuries.
A visit to the Squero, as a slipway and boatyard is called here, provides an exciting leap back in time to the places that safeguard the ancient art of the shipwright, known as squerariol, who will show you techniques and stories of construction that have remained unchanged for centuries.
The tour ends with an aperitif in the traditional bacari of Campo Santa Margherita, the beating heart of Venice’s lively movida.

Discovery tour of The Serenissima

The experience includes:
– 3-hour guided tour with water taxi transfer from Venart Palace
– Visit to places of historical interest
– Aperitif in Campo dell’Erbaria

A private or small group tour with an unusual concept that will allow you to discover the most interesting Venetian sights, but also its most hidden corners, legends, anecdotes and the magical allure that surrounds the events and extravagant characters that have made it unique in the world.
Immerse yourself in the dense web of calli and canals as you discover the Rialto market, the timeless Piazza San Marco and the Doge’s Palace or the Fondaco dei Tedeschi with its luxury shops and end your city tour with a spritz in the traditional bacari in the charming Campo dell’Erbaria.

Row like a Venetian

The experience includes:
– A 90-minute boat tour
– Pick up by rowboat at the private dock of Palazzo Venart
– Cool drinks available on board

Venetian rowing, an ancient art of single-oar navigation used since the time of the Serenissima, has roots deeply embedded in the rich Venetian tradition.
Formerly considered an essential practice for trade, transport and defense in the lagoon, it is now one of the most authentic and precious treasures handed down intact over the centuries.
In collaboration with the acclaimed school founded by the celebrated Venetian rowing champion, Gloria Rogliani, you will enjoy an exclusive experience that will lead you to discover this technique born in the 5th century and indissolubly bonded to the history of lagoon city.
Enveloped in an evocative atmosphere among canals and bricole, an expert instructor of Venetian rowing, a millenary art elegantly performed on foot, will guide you throughout the experience to discover the unseen corners of the “city on water.”

Venice Kayak Exploration

The experience includes:
– A 120-minute kayak tour with expert instructor
– Pick up with kayak at the private dock of Palazzo Venart
– Fresh water available on board

Cocooned in the elegant Venetian atmosphere, you will have the chance to enjoy an exclusive tour amidst exquisite architecture and plots of canals, priceless wonders of this magical city that you cannot appreciate otherwise.
Led by an experienced instructor, you will be taken aboard a kayak to discover the most authentic essence of Venice and capture the charm of its hidden details from a unique perspective.

Lagoon Cruise

The experience includes:
– A 120-minute tour of the lagoon by a traditional Bragozzo
– Pick up by a rowboat at the private dock of Palazzo Venart and transfer aboard the Bragozzo
– Cool drinks available on board

In an evocative atmosphere floating between art and history, you can enjoy a lagoon tour aboard a picturesque bragòzzo, the traditional venetian vessel that is a symbol of timeless elegance, owned and carefully restored by the heirs of the ancient Crea family, an important lineage of Venetian fishermen.
It originated as a fishing boat and was used to tackle long sea voyages. Formerly armed with sails but currently “rowed” or propelled by motor.
Enhancing the tour will be Prosecco and cicchetti, a tasty combination of local flavors and Venetian tradition that will delight you for the whole experience.

Tour Of The Islands

A panoramic water taxi tour – fully customizable in route and duration – will allow you to admire the most iconic sights of Venice from the water and discover the most magical and secret corners of the picturesque islands which dot the lagoon.
Driven by experienced skippers, you will savor the authentic “Venetian” atmosphere and the ancient craft traditions that have been performed in Torcello, Murano and Burano since the past.
Be inspired by a private and memorable experience fully tailored to your preferences.